Furminator Reviews: Is It The Best Dog Brush for Deshedding?

If you simply go to Amazon.com you will see that they have lots and lots (as in thousands) of Furminator reviews, and it is certainly worth your time to read through those.  However, I wanted to add my own Furminator review to the mix here and be as detailed as possible.  Before I get into the review, you should know what type of dog we have and why I even own a Furminator in the first place.

This is our dog Lucie:

Lucie - Our Dog - After the Furminator

I’m not really sure what kind of dog she is – we found her abandoned as a puppy and she doesn’t look particularly like any breed out there.  Her coat probably most closely resembles the coat of a Labrador.  Her hair is about an inch or so long and she also has an undercoat that she grows in the winter and sheds for what seems like 9 months out of the year.  I have used several dog brushes on her over the years with differing levels of success.

I have used dog shedding blades like this one:

Shedding Blade For Dogs

These take a lot of hair off our dog, but mainly it is the topcoat hair that it takes off.  This is great and something that helps her coat look shiny and reduces the amount of hair in our house, but it does virtually nothing for her undercoat.

The other effective dog brush we have used is called a slicker brush, and they look like this:

This dog brush is amazing.  After using the blade style brush for several years, I started using this slicker brush and I simply could not believe the amount of hair that was coming off of our dog.  After 2 or three strokes of the brush, i would have to pull all the hair from the brush to continue.  Most of the hair being removed was the undercoat, not the top coat.  Using this brush also reduces hair in the house and improves the look of our dog’s coat.

So, if the two brushes I already own work well for the top coat and the bottom coat, why bother getting a Furminator?  First, I have seen them advertised for a long time now and always wondered if they really worked.  Second, even with the two dog brushes we use now, there is still a lot of hair in our house – maybe the Furminator would be a magical cure for this.  Finally, it was on sale on Amazon for $15.  It is still only $17 as I write this.

Furminator Review Conclusion

So, how did it work?  It worked great.  It removed the undercoat, and it didn’t hurt the dog.  Nice easy strokes would remove the hair in large amounts.  So would I recommend you buy it?  If you are trying to remove undercoat, yes, but only after you have tried a slicker brush.  You can get a plastic slicker brush for under $10, and at least for our dog, it removes just as much hair, if not more.




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