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Thundershirt Reviews: The Thundershirt for Dogs – Does it Work?

If you are in the market for a Thundershirt for your panicky dog, the first thing you should probably do is read Amazon’s Thundershirt reviews.  If you don’t want to read through all those reviews, don’t worry, we have and here is what they say in a nutshell.

Summary of Amazon Thundershirt Reviews

  • For about 80% of people the thundershirt works.
  • It “works” to varying degrees for different people.  Works like magic for some dogs, but just takes the edge off for others.  You have to try it on your own dog a couple of times.
  • Order the right size.  Measure your dog around the chest.  You don’t want it too tight.  It should be snug, but not uncomfortably tight
  • If it doesn’t work after the first couple of tries, it probably isn’t going to.  My personal experience with it was it did not work at all even after multiple uses.
  • Be ready to return it if it doesn’t work.  For this reason, I’d buy the ThunderShirt from Amazon, but also has a pretty good return policy.  See below for more places to buy the Thundershirt.

My Personal Review of the Thundershirt

I hate to say it, but we are one of the 20% or less where the Thundershirt just simply does not work.  Our dog, Lucie, did not object to wearing the Thundershirt, but unfortunately she showed no positive effects of wearing.

Video Reviews of the Thundershirt

If you want more information before you buy, check out the ThunderShirt’s official YouTube page for some Thundershirt video reviews.  You can also find lots of other video reviews if you just search Thundershirt on YouTube.

Best Place to Buy the Thundershirt

There are lots of places you can buy the Thundershirt, and as we mentioned above, you should probably choose the place with the best return policy in the event that it doesn’t work (for me that is Amazon – you can’t beat the free shipping and sometimes free returns).  The price for the thundershirt is $39.95 everywhere we checked.

Thundershirt at Petco

Thundershirt at Petsmart – They are currently offering free shipping and here’s what their return policy says: If for any reason Thundershirt isn’t the right solution for your dog, return it within 45 days for a full refund of your purchase price (less S&H).


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